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Tips to Prepare for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Tips to Prepare for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

1. Sending cards –

What a year it has been! There’s no better year to get the Christmas cards ready to send to all your friends and family who haven’t seen your beautiful face in a while. The Paper Club’s fabulous November Box has a designer selection that can help you on this mission. When sending Christmas cards, we find that it’s a great idea to plan a few things to make a fun and organised time:

- Plan & Prep for how many people you will be sending the cards for

- Make sure you have the right addresses for all your loved ones

- Include a personalised touch – like a family photo or a sentimental story for everyone you will be sending a card to

- Send the cards sooner than you usually do – we all know the post takes time, but this year we recommend sending your cards a little earlier to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas.

2. Decorations –

Whether you’re a last-minute decorator or have been planning this for months, Christmas decorating can be such a great time! There are a few strategies we’ve found to be helpful when decorating:

- Coordinate your Christmas colour before you start decorating

- When decorating the tree, start with the Christmas lights. And if it gets too tricky, don’t be afraid to get help.

- After you’ve added your lights to the Christmas tree, wrap tinsel around the tree next.

- Next, add ornaments - making sure there’s either a hook or string already attached to the decoration for easy hanging. If you have pets, make sure there is nothing fragile at the bottom of the tree, to protect both your pets and the decorations.

- Always add the star last, trust us – it’s just easier!

3. Wrapping Gifts –

There’s a science to a beautifully wrapped gift. Here at The Paper Club, we pride ourselves in creating a memorising looking gift.

- Use a good square box! There’s nothing like a nice square-shaped to wrap a great present in. This helps ensure it's wrapped flawlessly.

- If you need a quick box, reuse boxes from previous gifts or even packaging material

- Use your favourite wrapping paper – colour matching is highly recommended.

- Cut a big enough piece of wrapping paper to fit the box, but not too much.

- Enough tape is imperative, so use all that you need to wrap your present

- Add trim or a bow for an extra pretty present

- Don’t forget the Christmas tag to write who it’s from and who it’s to.

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