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5 Great ways to connect with your Friends and Family

5 Great ways to connect with your Friends and Family

In light of The Paper Club’s new Refer A Friend promotion, we wanted to talk about great ways to connect with your friends and family, even from afar. So without further ado, here are 5 ways to show your loved ones you care, especially during these times!


1. Send them a Greeting Card!

  • Whether it’s your quirky Aunty or your best friend, a greeting card gives you a chance to write a special message just from you. It doesn’t have to be their birthday, there are greeting cards for every occasion. No matter if it’s a sympathy card for their difficult times or thank you card for all the appreciation you have, there’s a greeting card for you.

2. Video Chat Dinner

  • Perhaps you used to throw quite the dinner party back in the day or maybe it was just an outing to brunch. Either way, you can still do those things from home with your friends, they are just a video call away. So, throw on the pasta or get that oven fired up and home cook a meal and eat with your friends via a video call.

3. Send a love letter.

  • Get out that stationery set and get to writing all the ballads of love that are in your heart to the people that are closest to you. If you don’t have a stationery set, *hint *hint you might want to subscribe to The Paper Club down the track because my do we have some neat stuff for you coming up!

4. Reach out to your Friend on Social Media

  • Despite the times, there’s no better era to stay connected than this one. With all the platforms available, you can instantly connect with the people you love even if they are across the planet. So no matter if it’s a cheeky DM, a sassy Snapchat or a good old fashioned email, you can reach out to people anywhere and anytime.

5. Send them a gift.

  • Maybe you’re not the love letter type, that’s okay! There are options for you. You can send your friends and family a billion different things via the internet. People absolutely love receiving a special surprise gift, be it one of The Paper Club subscription boxes, flowers, toys or clothes, it’s really the thought that counts.

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