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Health is Wealth: 10 Easy Ways to Enjoy Nature

Health is Wealth: 10 Easy Ways to Enjoy Nature

Health is wealth and these days and when we’re facing uncertainty it’s important to take care of yourself. One of the best ways to keep up on your health is to get outside and enjoy nature. In the spirit of The Paper Club’s July subscription box that is inspired by Australia’s beautiful fauna & flora, we’ve curated a list of 10 fun activities that will have you dashing for the door to get outside and appreciating all that the great outdoors has to offer.

1. Bird Watching

Whether you’re a novice or hard-core bird enthusiast, it’s always fun to go to a local bird-watching spot to see cool birds. Australia is home to an incredible variety of fascinating species that are unique to this wonderful place we call home. So next time you’re out and about in nature try watching out for our fun feathered friends and see which ones you can spot.

2. Trekking

Trekking doesn’t have to be a big endeavour; it can be as simple as searching for a little trail in your neighbourhood. Luckily in Australia we are fortunate to have lots of options for trekking close by. Even in urban settings there can be little nooks and crannies of your neighbourhood that you can explore on the nearest walking track.

3. Going to the Beach

We are in the best place in the world when it comes to beaches! Most of Australians live in coastal areas, so there are almost endless options for you. Whether you fancy popular beaches like Bondi or St Kilda or you prefer a bit more secluded areas there are many options for you to enjoy the beach. Healthy activities at beaches are endless too, no matter if you prefer windsurfing or just getting some sun you’ll have plenty to do to be active and stay healthy.

4. Riding your Bike

There’s nothing better than going for a cruise on a bicycle on a nice sunny day. You can find designated biking paths in every city and there’s plenty of easy biking road in small towns too. If you want a great way to keep up with your fitness and get out of the house, going on a bike ride can be a perfect way to do that.

5. Yoga

Is there anything more refreshing than doing a bit of yoga? Yoga is the perfect activity for keeping up with your fitness and also your wellbeing. If you really want to have a great yoga session, try going to the park or the beach and enjoying the fresh air and scenery along with your time doing stretches.

6. Going for a swim

Even if a beach isn’t an option for you, you can definitely find a lake, swimming hole or local pool to swim in. Swimming can be a phenomenal way to exercise and keep up with your personal strength because it is such a refreshing and quality exercise. No matter if it’s in nature or if it’s just at the local pool, it’s great to get out and enjoy the water.

7. Feeding the ducks

Feeding ducks is good for the soul! Well that’s what we think at least. If you are unsure about what to do, there’s plenty of ponds with ducks to be seen in this amazing world. Do make sure you follow the local rules and council recommendations of what to feed ducks so that they can be healthy too.

8. Running around a track

Sometimes you just need to run! And if that’s the case, sprint over to your local running track to enjoy some running. Running can be amazing for your health and if you have kids, it can teach them to get excited about their fitness goals too.

9. Walking your dog (or yourself)

If you’re impartial to running, taking your dog on a walk is just as good. Or if you don’t have a dog, going for a walk is a great excuse to have some ‘me’ time or to catch up with a friend. It doesn’t have to be far, it can just be a few blocks around the neighbourhood, it’s just important to get out of the house and explore.

10. Enjoying a picnic

Picnics are a perfect way to get out of the house and eat healthy food in the process. There are endless options for fun picnic places in your area, so why not try grabbing a few friends or family members and going out for a picnic. For the best results try making a fun meal with lots of healthy options.

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