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Fruity drinks to try this Spring!

Fruity drinks to try this Spring!

The Paper Club has some juicy projects in the works for September and we absolutely cannot wait to share what we have in store for you. All we can say is that you’re in for a fruity surprise for next months subscription box! To celebrate our one-in-a-melon September box, we have 3 of our favourite summer fruit drink recipes that will welcome the sunny days and have you feeling berry good!

1. Berry Smoothie


1 cup orange juice

½ cup unsweetened yogurt

1 ½ cup mixed berries

You cannot go wrong with a classic berry smoothie to cool you down. So, relax and get out your blender to enjoy a finely crafted smoothie. Measure ingredients, add to blender, blend and serve in your favourite glass.

2. Limeade Drink


1 cup lime juice

5-7 cups of water

1 cup sugar

Optional: Garnish with mint, honey-do or a wedge of lime for an added bonus.

Want a sub-lime alternative to lemonade? Try a limeade, It’s just like lemonade but cooler! Squeeze limes or pour lime juice in a large glass or jug, add sugar and water. Add your optional garnishes. Mix and chill in the fridge. Enjoy your freshly crafted drink.

3. Peach Iced Tea


2 Litres of boiling watez

200 g of sugar

4 Peaches

5 Tea Bags

Ahh there’s nothing like a good iced tea on a hot summer’s day! To make this, all you have to do mash some peaches and add sugar, boil water and brew black tea. Let black tea steep for 4 minutes. Combine peaches and tea in a heatproof jug and leave in the fridge until cooled. Then enjoy your refreshing peach iced tea!

We hope you love making these fruity drink ideas!

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